Catskill Martial Arts Academy - Experience The Many Benefits!
Our academy is dedicated to provide all students with a positive learning environment.

Our entire team is committed to meeting the needs of our students as well as there parents.

Listed below is a brief description of the styles and programs we teach.
Karate-Traditional Korean Karate/Tang Soo Do- is characterized as a striking art using punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes and open-handed techniques such as knife-hands (karate chop) Grappling, locks, restraints, throws, and vital point striking is taught

Tai Chi Chuan- Yang 24 Style -The ancient art of tai chi uses gentle flowing movements to reduce the stress of today's busy lifestyles and improve health. Anyone, regardless of age or physical ability, can practice Tai Chi. it doesn't take physical prowess. Rather, tai chi emphasizes technique over strength. Originally developed in China as a form of self-defense, tai chi is a graceful form of exercise that has existed for some 2,000 years.

Weapons- Training with martial arts traditional weapons has been compared to weight lifting workouts, aerobic and conditioning workouts. Training with weapons helps to develop similar muscles as used in karate and increases hand-eye coordination and heightened reflexes. Weapons taught Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Nunchaku, and Sword.

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