Catskill Martial Arts Academy - Experience The Many Benefits!
Our academy is dedicated to provide all students with a positive learning environment.

Our entire team is committed to meeting the needs of our students as well as there parents.

Listed below is a brief description of the styles and programs we teach.

Kids Karate classes (Ages 3-12)Our classes have been specifically designed to both teach and challenge children. Through the practice of Tang Soo Do, your child will learn discipline, focus, increases motor skills and confidence as well as develop positive changes in muscle tone, strength, and flexibility.

Adult Karate classes (Ages 13 and up)In today's competitive world, martial art training provides you with mental benefits as well as a healthier, less stressful lifestyle. Our training regimen develops self awareness, self assurance and self confidence. You don't need unusual physical skills, just the desire to develop martial art skills and a positive self image. Our classes are relaxed and rewarding, and our instructors are helpful and supportive.   

WeaponsOur weapons program is included in all the karate classes to improve the hand and eye coordination and build the biggest benefit to percussion weapons’ training is that things like wrist flexibility, muscle strength, core stability, tendon strength, dexterity, balance, body positioning and coordination, all play a role in the final outcome. Weapons taught: Short sticks, Staff, Tonfa, Sickle, Sai, Nunchaku and Sword

Judo (Ages 7 and up)Our Japanese Judo classes promote physical fitness, sportsmanship, manners, self-discipline and self-control. The Judo student learns throwing, falling, holding, and ground wrestling techniques or grappling. Advanced Judo also involves the taking of joints and choking techniques.

Jujitsu (Ages 13 and up)Japanese Jujitsu is a close quarter’s Japanese martial art. Many of the techniques associated with Jujitsu can be traced back many centuries through India, China and Japan and then later developed by Samurai for their unarmed combat fighting requirements. The art uses mainly joint locks, chokes and throws using the attackers own force against them. The art is based on real situation defense/attacks.

Tai Chi (Ages 13 and up)Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese system of movement for health and vitality. Its practice results in increased circulation, awareness, sensitivity, and an unexcelled art of self defense. The Tai Chi form consists of a series of postures performed in a slow, continuous sequence. Unlike exercise which relies on muscular force and tension, the graceful movements of Tai Chi.

S.T.A.T. (Ages 17 and up)Military CombativesThis class teaches blocks, strikes, kicks, sweeps, throws, take-downs, joint locks, arm bars, chokes, grabs, weapons and ground fighting. Securing techniques and tactics is a no nonsense approach to personals safety.  Participates will learn the basics of several martial arts without the traditional setting of terms and testing

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